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    DFW Metro Green Consulting specializes in green building design and consultancy which includes educational services and facilitation of green building program certification.

Buildings have a profound effect on the environment, which is why green building practices are so important to reduce and perhaps one day eliminate those impacts.

In the United States, buildings account for:
  • between 40 and 49% of total energy use
  • 25% of total water consumption
  • 70% of total electricity consumption
  • 38% of total carbon dioxide emissions
Water has long been a precious commodity in Texas. In the past, 50 percent of water used in Central Texas was from mineral rich groundwater. Our future growth will have a great impact on our water reserves. If the rapid population growth continues, our groundwater will be exhausted within twenty years. Another factor of growth is that there is more ground surface being covered over, and impervious surfaces prevent groundwater from being recharged. Surface water evaporates quickly in our climate and cannot keep up with the expected demand.

On-site rainwater collection is one means to augment our fresh water needs and can prevent rapid stormwater accumulation from roof areas. We have successfully incorporated rain water catchment into wood deck railing designs which is a great way to disguise otherwise obtrusive elements of the green home.

For aid in developing a green project or in individual or group instructional and informative seminars on green building, please contact us today.

Please take a few moments to complete a survey on rainwater harvesting. All builders and homeowners who complete the survey will be entered to win a hands free bluetooth headset at the end of the month [click on the survey tab and fill in the questionnaire].

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